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Morgantown, WV Family Photographer

a mother sits in a field with a vista of trees behind her, with her two young daughters in her lap
two brothers in cream sweaters stand in front of brilliant fall foliage and pose for a portrait


The Portraiture Gold Standard for North Central West Virginia

Your family portraits will tell your story to generations yet to come...

Document your family legacy in each stage with warm, emotional, classical portraiture from an experienced professional who is as invested in your portraits as you are!

Most people who don't model professionally

tend to feel a little awkward in front of the camera. That's completely normal-- and helping you to relax and feel at ease is part of my job as your photographer. Most people also have no idea how to pose together, or what on earth they're supposed to do with their hands-- and that's normal and expected too!

My clients trust me with their pictures because I don't leave it up to them to figure out what they're supposed to be doing. I direct the entire photo process from start to finish, to capture the perfect results. Some images will be carefully posed... I'll find the perfect spot for each shot; I'll tell you exactly how to stand (and what to do with your hands!) I'll back up and look you over closely to make sure every detail is perfect, and then we'll create a beautiful portrait together.

Some images will be prompted instead of posed, to create a more candid image, capturing emotional connection-- but still one that is directed for you by an experienced eye-- so you can know the results will be beautiful!

Husbands and dads report that they enjoy working with me because I'm knowledgeable, efficient, and I make the process of capturing gorgeous family portraits easy and painless.

Do you have questions about the process of working with me? Are you ready to book your family session? Get in touch through my Contact page, or my info at the bottom of this page, and we'll get started planning your perfect family photo session!

Yes, I offer studio sessions!

three siblings pose in an alleyway with tires and graffiti in the background
Family Portrait by Laura Priestley Photography, Morgantown WV Family & Children's Photographer
an extended family portrait outside in the autumn with three generations
a little girl stands with her two brothers for a picture
father and daughter hugging, by Morgantown photographer Laura Priestley
a couple poses on a tree-lined street with their young son
a family embraces and laughs with fall colors in the background
Family Portrait, walking down a path through the forest in Morgantown, WV
Morgantown Family Photos by Photographer Laura Priestley
Morgantown Family Photos by Photographer Laura Priestley
A Summery Family Portrait Taken by Laura in Westover, WV
a father with his two young sons in front of the beautiful fall leaves at a park
A Casual Fall Family Portrait, taken in Westover, WV by Laura Priestley
a beautiful family pose for a classical portrait with fall leaves in the background
Family Portrait in Downtown Morgantown, WV by Laura Priestley Photography
Joyful Family Portrait taken by Laura Priestley in the autumn leaves in Morgantown, WV
Portrait of Mother and Son by Laura Priestley Photography, Morgantown, WV Family & Children's Photographer
Portrait of a Young Family with a Fall Background, taken by Laura Priestley in Morgantown, WV
Image from a Joyful Family Session with Photographer Laura Priestley
Family Portrait in Bridgeport, WV by Laura Priestley Photography, Morgantown WV Family and Children's Photographer
an older couple pose for a portrait in front of a pond with fall foliage in the background
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