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Rich & timeless West virginia portraiture

groom dips his bride and kisses her in front of an old iron and wood door
maternity portrait of husband and wife
newborn boy swaddled in a basket in Morgantown, WV
grandparents pose with their grandchildren with beautiful fall leaves in the background
Family with three boys poses on a large rock in front of the river
new parents hold their baby and kiss her head; black and white image
young woman in a lace dress with arm crutches stands among bright autumn leaves
a woman cuddles her orange and white kitten
a couple pose and smile for a portrait on a pier with fall foliage in the background
a newborn baby boy lies on a dark green cloth, cradled in his parents' hands
new parents sit on their couch at home with their newborn baby
a woman in a long orange dress stands in the grass in front of a lake
three siblings pose for a picture on a bench with silly faces
black and white closeup of newborn baby's feet

Life flies by and memories fade.

I capture artful portraiture

so you can hold on to these precious moments for a lifetime.

Welcome to the beginning of your perfect photo session...

A thousand details must be orchestrated to create the perfect portrait session-- and when you place your portraits in my hands, you have a devoted, experienced professional in your corner to make your portrait experience a breeze from start to finish.

Those images you're dreaming of? I can't wait to hear all about them so I can make them happen. Not sure what your ideal session looks like? I can help with that too!

I'm so glad you're here.

Take a look around, and then reach out to me when you're ready to get started planning your perfect session together!

father and daughter embrace and smile at the camera
handsome boy leaning against a tree
A bride walks down the aisle with her father
a little boy in a blue and yellow plaid shirt leans against a tree
a mother and her two teenage daughters embrace
two toddler siblings hold hands
a curly-haired little boy swings on a fence and laughs
a little girl with a pink flower in her hair sits in the glow of the sun
a family with three little boys poses for a portrait in front of a lake
mother and daughter walk hand in hand through the grass
school-age sister and brother make each other laugh
closeup of a newborn baby's face and hands
a family with teenage children sit in the autumn woods for a portrait
a couple hugs and laughs with fall leaves in the background
a father lifts his little girls into the air and she laughs
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Morgantown | Bridgeport | Parkersburg | Charleston