Morgantown Photographer

Morgantown WV Family Photographer Laura Priestley Photography

A Professional Studio Environment

allows for direct control over lighting, set design, and environment that isn't always possible with outdoor photography.

When the beautiful Morgantown scenery can't quite fulfill your vision or needs for your images, I can help you plan and execute stunning, classically beautiful portraiture with a studio that comes to you.

classic studio portrait of a young family on a gray background, taken by photographer Laura Priestley
Studio Portrait of a baby girl in a bowl surrounded by flowers, taken by photographer Laura Priestley

Custom designed studio setups are available upon request. Studio portrait and headshot sessions can be tailored to match your specific branding aesthetics or the design of your home. Get in touch to discuss your vision for your photos-- whether that vision is well-defined, or simply a vague idea that needs to be developed-- and let's plan a portraiture session together!

holiday studio photo of a baby girl in a Christmas hat, taken by Morgantown children's photographer Laura Priestley
black and white studio portrait of father and his two sons
baby girl on a bright blue background with a pink birthday cake
baby boy in a green wrap yawning
baby girl in a flower crown surrounded by flowers
closeup portrait of a young boy with long brown hair
baby girl in a christmas outfit holding an ornament
studio portrait of a little girl in a ruffly purple dress
boy in a plaid shirt poses on a brilliant red background surrounded by christmas ornaments
studio portrait of a little girl in a sparkly black dress on a black background
baby boy wrapped in blue lying in a wooden moon
Fine Art Portrait of a Little Girl in a Gold Dress and Gloves, Taken by Photographer Laura Priestley via a mobile studio
Studio Portrait of a Baby Girl Surrounded by Flowers; Photo Taken by Laura Priestley in Morgantown, WV
two little boys sit on a white seamless backdrop
Image of Parents' Hands Holding Newborn Boy, taken by Morgantown Photographer Laura Priestley
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