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Collage of product images of child models wearing various boutique clothing with text overlay about brand & vision

Specializing in Children's Product Photography for Boutiques, Small Shops, and Artisans Worldwide

commercial product image of a beautiful little girl in a flowing blue tulle gown twirls in front of an old classic gate

High-quality product imagery is an important key to the success of your brand!

Draw your customers in and set your boutique apart with images that sell your beautiful products for you!

Whether you sell couture dresses, handmade accessories, small-shop playwear, or the world's softest PJs,

let me bring your products to life for your customers with high-quality commercial images that are beautifully posed, yet filled with wonder, joy and life.

commercial product image of a green Little Kitten Boutique dress, modeled by a little girl with long curly blonde hair


product photography

$40 / Image

Props, setup and model included

Click-to-buy online proof gallery

No startup/setup fees

5 image minimum purchase per shoot

product Video

$120 / 20 second clip

You're selling so much more than your beautiful designs, you know-- you're selling an idea--a feeling--

to the parents who are clicking on your website looking for just the right fancy dress for their little girl's special night-- to the grandparents looking for that birthday gift that will make their beloved granddaughter's eyes light up when she opens it.

Tap into what parents and grandparents want most for their children

when you bring your custom, handmade, small-shop and boutique offerings to life with high-quality commercial product imagery that's sweet, authentic, and joyful-- reminiscent of all the best, sun-drenched moments and memories of a beautiful, care-free childhood.

commercial product image of a green dress, modeled by a little blonde girl sitting and reading a vintage book
little girl models a white dress with black polka dots and a classic black bow
a little girl stands among orange fall leaves to model a sparkly orange sequin dress from Marie Nicole Clothing
beautiful baby girl in a pink and white leopard print infant gown from Sophia Rose Children's Boutique
detailed product image of a couture white lace and roses headband wrapped artistically around an old classic book
toddler girl with blonde hair stands by a bed covered in an old classic chenille throw, in Christmas pajamas
a little boy models a brown reindeer sweater and laughs
chubby cheeked baby in a Christmas themed baby gown from Sophia Rose Children's Boutique lounges on a bed
product image: little blonde girl holding a classic white lace parasol models a blue dress from Little Kitten Boutique

Bring your designs to life...

Every product shoot completed for my commercial clients has been designed and tailored for the specific pieces I'm shooting. At the beginning of our partnership, I offer a detailed consultation so that I can understand your vision and goals for your brand as a designer, and your brand's target aesthetic and feel.

From there, I structure and plan each element of the shoot to bring your vision as a designer to life.

For formal wear, I include not only the classically beautiful still poses, but also movement images that show the way your pieces respond to activity when they're worn. These images let your potential customers immerse themselves in the moment, envisioning their own little ones playing, dancing, and enjoying themselves while wearing your designs. That visualization can make the difference between clicking on by your item to your competitor's site-- or clicking "add to cart!"

a little girl twirls in a long blue tulle dress from Little Kitten Boutique; product photography by Laura Priestley
a little blonde girl stands in autumn leaves and models a burnt orange ruffled pea coat

“Childhood is the one story that stands by itself in every soul.”

When you partner with me for your small-shop photos, your boutique photography will reflect the philosophy that childhood should be innocent, fun, care-free, and filled with wonder and sweetness.

When you partner with me for your product images, you're also providing modeling opportunities and expert training to aspiring child models in a safe, fun, supportive and wholesome atmosphere, that allows their wonderful personalities to shine.

My models and I love working together-- and it shows!

a little girl laughs and poses for a picture with her classic pink bicycle
a group of little girl models in Dollcake couture dresses hold hands and dance in a circle
a little blonde girl twirls in a blue dress on an old classic iron bridge

how it works

little blonde girl stands by an old iron gate and models a classic green flower girl dress

I. Initial Consultation

Your chance to share your vision and preferred aesthetic for your brand, or for this specific product drop, discuss delivery timelines, and get any questions you may have, answered.

Pressed for time, and prefer the utmost efficiency? Skip the detailed discussion and leave your product images entirely up to me!

II. Send Samples

Mail me the products you want photographed. (Samples become property of the photographer.)

III. Choose & Buy Images

Once your proofing gallery is delivered, simply click to purchase the images of your choice.

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a blonde girl twirls in the grass, modeling a ruffled fuchsia Dollcake boutique dress
a little girl stands amid brilliant orange fall leaves, modeling a sparkly orange Marie Nicole sequin dress with a bow
a little girl models a red and white Christmas dress for a local boutique
commercial product image of a baby girl in Sophia Rose Children's boutique pajamas with a large bow
a little girl sits in an old classic style white iron bench with a parasol, modeling a pink tulle Dollcake dress
product image showing a baby girl wearing a Halloween print infant gown from Sophia Rose Children's Boutique
commercial product image of a boutique Christmas dress modeled by a little blonde girl
a baby girl showcases a purple boutique bamboo infant gown from Sophia Rose Children's Boutique
a little girl sits in the green grass modeling a beautiful blue Dollcake gown
a group of young models stand arm in arm along the edge of a pond, modeling different Dollcake dresses
a young model in a pink flowered Dollcake dress stands in the grass, holding her skirt out
product image showing a little girl in bamboo Christmas pajamas from Sophia Rose Children's Boutique jumping on the bed
a beautiful young child model in a ruffled fuchsia Dollcake dress twirls as the wind blows her curls
a blonde child model wears a green sweater and poses for a product photo
an adorable little model in a pink Dollcake Gleam in the Light dress laughs